lancaster cupcake - a fine cupcake.  - TREAT YOURSELF.

Let us bake for you on your most special

Our cupcakes are uniquely crafted to your personal taste and style.

We are excited to work with you to create your dream cupcake display.

All flavor varieties are available from timeless classics to custom flavors. We customize wedding cupcakes and make extravagant wedding cupcake displays. Each cupcake can be personalized with monograms, flowers, or whatever you can dream up.

Lancaster Cupcake offers endless
possibilities to sweeten the celebration of your special day.

Cupcakes starting at:
   $2.50 / per cupcake
   $1.25 / per mini cupcake

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Top Wedding
Cupcake Ideas

Cupcake Subscription Wedding Gift

Have a special bride and Groom in your life? Have one dozen cupcakes delivered to their home 1, 3, 6 or 12 months after their wedding. The box of cupcakes would include their special wedding cupcake flavor(s). Each bite will bring back wonderful memories of their special wedding day.

Cupcake Wedding Favors 
Treat your guests to the ultimate favor, an individually packaged cupcake! 

One Mini Cupcake with Box  - $2.50    

Push Pop with two Mini Cupcakes & Sticker - $3.50 

Single Standard Cupcake with Box & LC Ribbon - $4.75 

*Cupcakes arrive assembled and ready for display

Cupcake Place Cards

Have guests deliciously escorted to their tables with a cupcake. Guests will snack on a cupcake while they await the Bride & Groom's entrance.